Cool LBP Beta Levels

We’ll be expanding this into a feature of the site once the full game is out, with YouTubes of the really cool stuff, but in the meantime here’s a list of the levels you have to check out right now.  Use the Search function, if you can’t find the level then hopefully you’ll find the author, and can then select ‘other levels’.  Enjoy.

A boy and his cube  / ‘yogh_wayne’
Asian Heights  / ‘Plugpin’
Aztec 21 (W.I.P) V.2  / ‘Mik2121’
DinoLand  / ‘Celozia’
Fu Manchu 1.2  / ‘razztafarai’
Get off the Choppa’  / ‘littleownage’
God of War – Demon Skull / ‘geosautus’
Green Hill Zone – Act 1  / ‘hodgy100’
Green Hill Zone – Act 2  / ‘hodgy100’
Green Hill Zone – Act 3  / ‘hodgy100’
Heist (Part 1)  / ‘jiggles’
Heist (Part 2)  / ‘jiggles’
Jetpack Over The Moon  / ‘TurboMan’
Jurassic Playground  / ‘MurderDeathKill7’
LittleBigDonkeyKong  / ‘Dragnet’
LittleBigPhantasy Part One / ‘gevurah22’
LittleBigTemple of Doom  / ‘walnoj’
LittleBIG Ninja Warrior  / ‘Burning_Out’
LittleBig Sky Pirates! v. 2.0  / ‘slickant’
Little Big Computer / ‘upsilandre’
Little Big Journey  / ‘PsYcHoMaNtYs’
Little Big Colossus .v2  / ‘Danielsan88’
Little Big UNCHARTED  / ‘HeadWind’
Operation Sackeater  / ‘Syroc’
Phoenix Labyrinth  / ‘flakari’
Red Rings of Burninating  / ‘gevurah22’
Rube Goldberg Lives!  / ‘NoEvilPeople’
Ruins  / ‘doctorbashir’
Temple of the Damned  / ‘Seedhouse’
The Horror Of ’44  / ‘Foil’
Welcome to Pleasantville  / ‘DoctorBo42’
World of Colour!  / ‘geosautus’