Be Kaz Hirai – Fix Sony

It’s time to get shopping for Christmas – ok, ok, just pretend – and these are your options:

Xbox 360 Arcade – £120
Gears of War 2 – £40
Total – £160

PlayStation 3 – £280
LittleBIGPlanet – £40
Total – £320

Which are you going to pick?  Well, ok, not you, because you already have a PS3, but the parents shopping for Christmas, what are they going to do?

Obviously, there are differences between a 360 Arcade and a PS3, e.g. lack of a HD and lack of free online play with the 360.  But will the Christmas shoppers know or care?  Will Little Johnny want a gung-ho blast-em-up that credit crunch affected parents can afford, or an experimental, cutesy platform game that requires banks to go bust just to finance the purchase?

What can Sony do to turn this around?  Is a price cut all that’s needed?  Is better promotion of the differences between the two systems the way forward?

Come on then, you’re Kaz Hirai for the day: What are you going to do?