Exclusively Exclusive

It seems like every week a franchise firmly associated with all that is Playstation becomes a multiplatform game for all to play.

The bombshell at E3 of a 360 Final Fantasy and now the beat them up Tekken will also be sporting a little green X. Lets not forget before that GTA4 was making its day and date debut on two systems. What does this all mean for us?

Well I suppose it depends on who you are. For the average gamer all this means nothing except for the fact you can now choose between your white box or your black box to play your games. For the hardcore fanboy it is probably message board gold as they furiously type away the injustice of it all and how Microsoft is paying everyone off to make Sony look bad!


The point is these games haven’t gone away, your PS3 does still play games released on more than one system as far as I know.  People will point towards the hardware and say that if a game was only PS3 it would be so much better citing MGS4 as proof. For a start MGS has always been a bit of an anomaly considering Kojima productions mass amount of money to inject into ridiculous ideas (“Sexy Octopus Lady? Sure, lets do it!”). Secondly it is quite clear most developers either don’t have the time, money or expertise of PS3 hardware to make games that are “that much better than Xbox”. Some would even say that they both have strengths and weaknesses and neither is much more powerful than the other.

Let’s look at it from the developer’s point of view. Spend hours of time and money on a game and ship it to the smallest “next-gen” user base…or…ship it for the Xbox and PS3 and make a hell of a lot more money.  Business is business I am afraid, but it doesn’t have to be all men in suits trying to eek every last penny from the next Crash Bandicoot game (I don’t remember much bleating about that not being exclusive anymore!). If a developer makes a game multiplatform and therefore can make more money one would hope that money will get pushed into other projects. Making better games for everyone!

Something to bleat about would be exclusives switching sides. I would probably have kittens if LittleBigPlanet 2 was announced as Xbox only! That hasn’t happened yet but we are seeing a digital war for exclusivity. GTA4 will apparently have Xbox only downloadable content and now the new Tomb Raider will have exclusive 360 DLC. Is this a big deal for the gamers? To be honest I’m not sure I haven’t really played a game affected by this other than GTA and that Xbox content isn’t out yet. Could it be amazing? Sure it could…but we are coming up to Christmas and there are so many games coming out I think I don’t think I have time for a DLC pack, no matter how big it is!

This is far from the first time we have seen games move around the platforms and far from the last. Final Fantasy was once a glorious Nintendo only game, but for a long time after it was synonymous with Playstation…so let’s not go pretending FF hasn’t slept around before.

These days it seems there are more and more great games coming out for all systems. I think it’s great that I can talk GTA4 with my friend who only owns a 360. Ok I can’t play with him online but it’s better than us not being able to talk about it at all! Let’s try and look at this glass as half full and not half empty. FF13 is still coming to the PS3 and Resistance 2 is still exclusive (however as you may be able to tell I don’t care about such things as long as I can still play it!)

So stop worrying what game could be next to swing both ways and just enjoy playing them!