Americans Buy Consoles

We’re clearly not going to blame America for destroying our economy, raising our unemployment to record highs and sucking the life out of our banks.  No way.  Because despite the fact that we can no longer afford Jaffa Cakes over here, the Americans are still buying consoles.  Lots of them, it seems, as the September NPD sales figures roll in:

PlayStation 2 173.5K
PlayStation 3 232.4K
PSP 238.1K
Xbox 360 347.2K
Wii 687.0K
Nintendo DS 536.8K


Yes, Nintendo are still running away this generation, if you’ll excuse the pun, but at least the PlayStation 3 is holding its own against the massive price drops from Microsoft…  Oh, who are we kidding, it’s all over, even the PSP outsold the damned PS3.