sales figures

Data Suggests Playable Demos Can Halve Game Sales

Gamelab discussion highlights a worrying statistic.

UK Games Sales Down, Again.

Every silver lining has a cloud

UK Game Sales Still Down

Boom time for gaming, not so boom after all.

360 Sales Up, PS3 Outlook Is Good

The 360 grows further, but good things are coming Sony’s way.

Sony Sales Slide

(Updated) PS2 still doing okay though! Now with added conference call goodness.

PS3 Hits 2 Million In UK

PlayStation 3 figures surpass the two million mark in the UK

What Credit Crunch?

Game bucking the trend for gloomy financial news. Unless you’re a developer.

Insider Trading

Can’t wait to see what the sales were like for the busiest release day of the year?

Americans Buy Consoles

NPD results are in, seems like our friends still have some money to spare.