Insider Trading

Hot off the press, I’ve got a little bit of top secret sales information.

Friday the 14th of November was the UK’s biggest release day for the volume of releases across all platforms.


We saw Call Of Duty: World At War, Mirrors Edge, Shaun White Snowboarding, Guitar Hero World Tour (Complete band set) Football Manager ’09, Lich King for Warcraft (well Thursday), Wii Music and loads of other Wii & DS games, plus there’s quite a few titles I can’t remember as well.

So who were the winners and losers? How did the PS3 measure up in in the multi-platform stakes?

Well I don’t have all the info, but hopefully just enough to give you a snapshot.

CoD 360 – 94 (+14 Collectors edition)
CoD PS3 – 58

Mirrors Edge 360 – 36
Mirrors Edge PS3 – 23 (despite the advertising being done exclusively on PS3)

Wii Music – 4 !

GHWT Complete Band Wii – 5 (beating Wii music)
GHWT Complete Band 360 – 6
GHWT Complete Band PS3 – 4

WoW WotLK PC – 120 sold out and could have sold more (this was the 2nd day, it sold even more on 1st day)
Football Manager ’09 PC – 158 !!!

So the consoles have been pissed on by PC with the ever popular Football Manager winning the day overall, but the week belonging to World Of Warcraft’s Lich King expansion.

The PS3 also hasn’t matched the 360 on the multi-platform titles, this is just one stores sales and may or may not be representative of the country as a whole, but as far as I know there are as many PS3’s as 360’s in the UK although I may be wrong on this, so these figures may be disappointing, and may indicate that the stories of the lower important attachment rate on the PS3 than the 360 are true.

If this does turn out to be a snapshot of the UK as a whole though, it’s not great news for Sony because we all know they could do with shifting more PS3’s and this perhaps shows they’re not shifting enough game titles either.

Earlier in the week we saw GoW2 beating LBP in last weeks sales (not sure if the reported figures were sales to stores, or from stores to the public), but I don’t think that paints the whole picture as actual retail sales may not have been as good as expected.

My store was delivered 300 copies of GoW2 for the week. 182 are still left on the shelf, so although day 1 sales were enormous it hasn’t hardly shifted a single copy since then, and there are about 5 already traded in, and I’d expect quite a few more this week, as people realise that there should be more to next gen gaming than just bigger weapons.