Heavy Rain Trophies: The Ones We Know

Well, here it is, the trophy list you’ve all been waiting for, Heavy Rain! While we said a few days ago that the list would mostly contain secrets, along with a few non-hidden trophies, we now have the full list with the total number of trophies and the values of the non-hidden ones. Enjoy!


  • Interactive Drama
    Thank you for supporting Interactive Drama
  • HEAVY RAIN™ Hero
    Finish HEAVY RAIN™


  • Four Heroes
    Complete the story with four characters alive


  • All Endings
    See all endings


  • HEAVY RAIN™ Master
    Unlock all trophies

With a total of 57 trophies (!), that means there are a whopping 52 (!!) secret trophies (as if I haven’t used it enough)! It will be virtually impossible to find those out for yourself, so why not get the help of the community? When you finish the game for the first time, you’re bound to get some trophies and most likely, they will be secrets that others may not have, due to the huge ripple effect your decisions can have in Heavy Rain. All the details are in the forum post here. Now all that’s left to do is to wait till the end of February. Talk about hard.

Source: PS3Trophies.org