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Does GTA IV really need trophies?

It was recently announced that Grand Theft Auto IV, arguably the most hotly anticipated videogame in the history of the medium, will be updated with trophies sometime in the near future. But I can’t help noticing that while 50% of gamers can’t wait for the new patch, the other 50% don’t really seem to care. So I ask, does it really need it?

It will be no surprise to avid readers of the site that, personally, I welcome the upcoming patch, but it’s not just because of the trophies. A couple of months ago my 250GB HDD was corrupted and I got the so-called “yellow light of death” (long story – if you don’t know what it is then look it up), and I lost all my save files for all my games, including GTA. With so many other games to go on, I haven’t got around to starting a new game on it yet, so therefore I look forward to the patch as an incentive to play the game again.

However, if my HDD didn’t crash, would I be starting a new game? If I’m honest, then probably not. As much as I enjoyed it the first time round, and it’s clearly much better than some of the crap developers are coming out with these days, I couldn’t help being a little disappointed. Let’s not forget that this game was over-hyped to the point of nausea, and as much as it’s a good game, I just expected something a bit more. Our own cc_star admitted he traded his copy of the game in for Saints Row 2, and he can’t be the only one.

So anyway, what do you guys think? Are you counting down the days until the trophy patch’s release (not that anyone knows when that is yet), or can you not be bothered to complete it again and couldn’t care less?