DLC Not 360 Only?

During my spell on the sidelines from my suspension, I did a little digging around on the internet so you don’t have to, and have come up with a little nugget of what looks like good news.

Videogamer.com has published highlights of their interview with Ray Maguire (MD of SCE UK) taken at the Games 3.0 conference in London earlier this week.

When asked about the supposed exclusive DLC coming to GTA IV, Fallout 3 & Tomb Raider on the 360, and why Sony doesn’t seem to do as much for its customer base as its competitor:

“nothing is ever exclusive” in response to questions surrounding exclusive DLC on Microsoft’s Xbox 360…

…Maguire rejected those complaints, saying he would “much rather that we (Sony) were investing money into making sure that we’ve got great R&D and we start producing games like LittleBigPlanet rather than paying other people a huge amount of money to stop people playing their product.”…

They will be publishing the full interview later in the week.

When this story is added to the promising news of Sony’s Q2 sales figures, the future does start to look a little brighter than it did a couple of weeks ago.