Fallout 3 To Get Trophies

Trophies are good right! No, they’re great!

The good news appearing over at Eurogamer is that another PS3 game will be added to the Trophy list before too long.


Pete Hines from Bethesda Softworks, who amongst other things is the product manager for Oblivion and Fallout 3, was questioned, “Will the PS3 version receive Trophy support in the future?”

Pete Hines: It’s going to happen, just not sure when. We’ll let folks know when we have something more definitive.”

The interview also adds another twist to the DLC debate, when asked, “What about content for PlayStation 3? Will the console ever be invited to the DLC party?”, the response was

“DLC is exclusive for 360 and Games for Windows.”

This is at odds to recent statements from Sony’s side of things when Ray Maguire (MD of SCE UK) said last week “nothing is ever exclusive”.

Personally I hope we do see the DLC as they are reportedly working on.

stuff that adds multiple hours of gameplay; new quests, content, enemies, etc. Something along the lines of Knights of the Nine for Oblivion in size and scope.

Although there was talk of bug fixes for the PC version, there disappointingly wasn’t a mention of an imminent PS3 patch to fix the problem where the game momentarily freezes every time one of your PS3 friends signs in or out of the PSN, amongst other things.

My early impressions of the game are favourable, but there are a few annoyances which do hinder my enjoyment of the game, keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming definitive TSA review.