Maguire Guessed for Success

Develop (everybody’s favourite video-game developer’s industry news and trend site) is reporting that Ray Maguire thinks (hopes) that “in future” third party devs will use the PS3 as their lead platform when developing multi-platform games and then just remove bits for the 360 port because it’s not as powerful or as good and they don’t sign his paycheck. But wait, has he got news from one of the huge third party dev houses to cheer our sullen hearts? No, he guessed.

It’s all a bit vague and hopeful if you ask me but it makes sense, except to say that the PC would always be the most powerful platform so his logic is a bit off and also third party devs seem happy to lead on the 360 and then just not add anything in when they port to the PS3 so why would that change?


Well, it would change when extra scope for your development becomes a viable financial consideration, ie. when there are enough PS3 owners to buy your product that it warrants the extra time and money you spend developing it. So it looks like Ray would be right if Sony could shift some consoles that aren’t 8 years old or essentially a remote control for your PS3 with a newly added (but mostly annoying) screen.

Price drop anyone?