TSA Mailbag: 07/11/08

We gets loads of emails.  Loads.  Some of them are really nice, some are even funny, but some are downright ridiculous, nasty, spiteful and well worth sharing with you: our loyal readers.  Here are some genuine ones from the last couple of weeks – a nice mixture of the good and the bad.  We’ve removed the identities of those concerned, despite asking for them in some cases.  Enjoy.

u have to update ure trophy list for mortal kombat vs dc universe and put in the trophy list known but not launched


Thanks FQ.  We’re aware that the Trophy List isn’t as up to date as the rest of the site, but we’re working on it.  In the meantime, can we suggest you work on your spelling, grammar and punctuation?  Cool.

Hello you fluffy Sixaxis folk. I’m a regular visitor to your fabulous site and wondered if you would be interested posting an article all about a scrummy little site me and my colleagues have been working on. It’s at http://littlebigland.com and, in case you haven’t already guessed, it’s solely dedicated to the scrummy LittleBigPlanet. It will have a news section covering all things Sackboy related. There is a Workshop where we will feature level building tutorials. A forum is currently being worked on in which SackFans can discuss, share and contribute ideas on level and object building and an area where you can request help. We will also be featuring a monthly or bi-weekly chart of the top 10 user created levels.


Not a chance.  There’s no way on earth we’d ever post out links to other sites, sorry.


Lying twat.  “Currently, the only method of importing your own textures and images is via the PlayStation Eye, currently about £75 with a free game called Eye of Judgement that you’ll never, ever play.”  £25.  How much did Microsoft pay to to post this tripe?  If you lied about that, how can anyone believe anything else you post?


Hi MG.  Thanks for the comments.  Can we humbly suggest that next time you visit the site you also bring your senses of irony and humour and don’t forget the bag marked ‘intelligence’.  As for whether you believe us or not I couldn’t give a flying fuck, but we’ve passed on the relevant part of the mail regarding the backhander.

Hi, I made a 3d-sackboy just for fun to poke fun at Sony a bit. Take a look.


This is exceptionally cool, I just wish there was somewhere we could use this.  Can you make him look like he’s got a massive mag of £3.99’s, please?

More next week, assuming anyone’s silly enough to email in.