TSA Mailbag: 16/09/08

It’s all Trophies, really, so if you don’t want to read a few letters asking us about such things, perhaps you could go read about the economy falling up its own arsehole or something instead.

Still here?  Let’s crack on.

Hi there, I was just wondering if you would be able to find out as to whether or not Madden 09 will be getting a patch for trophy support or not?  This would be greatly appreciated.  Anthony.

Hi Anthony.  We once knew a guy called Anthony but we called him TwoCans because every time he went to a vending machine and put in a 50p he got two cans out.  Every time.  To answer your question: no.  Might be patched in later, but the game isn’t shipping with Trophies in, as far as we know.


Your site rocks let me count the ways: 

1. iPhone support
2. Trophy list
3. iPhone support (its just that great)
4. Great articles
5. Great community


It does rock, yes, you’re right, thanks Eic.  We’re particular happy about the iPhone support, but it’s really just a plug-in for WordPress, we can’t take any credit for it.  The articles and the Trophy list we can though, that’s all our hard work.  The community?  We don’t really like our readers, we just tolerate them and they tolerate us.  It’s called ‘love’.

Eye of Judgement is going to have trophies, John.

Note to self: people don’t read our front page.  So you’ll never read this reply, John, but ‘hi’ anyway.

Hey, I’m Shihan, a new visitor of TheSixthAxis.com.  I just wanted to know if trophies will be there in Smackdown vs RAW! 2009.  I am doubtful because the game doesn’t exist in any of your trophy enabled games’ list from ‘Already Supporting Trophies’ to ‘Will Not Support Trophies’. Please add the game to your list and do let me know if the game will have trophies.  Hoping it will have trophies!

And people were saying Trophies wouldn’t catch on, eh?  Well, Shihan, we can happily confirm that we don’t know.  We’ll ask though, but we reckon the answer is going to be ‘no’.  We have heard that the game will support custom sountracks, but that’s probably as useful to you as knowing the game will also support in-game XMB.

Hello wonderful TSA team… Let begin by telling you that you guys ROCK!!!!!! Hehe….  Well, i just wanted to say that the Socom Qore Beta invites are out (Got mine w00t),Burnout Paradise’s Bikes/Day & Night expansion is coming this thursday, and there will be more news regarding Trophies for burnout, and Wipeout has been confirmed to cost 20$ on the US PSN Store yaaay!! Plus, i have been reading online, and many people are saying (especially ps3trophies.co.uk) that the trophy patch for Ferrari Challenge will be out on September the 17th Just felt like telling you guys… You guys are awesome… Thank you for all the hard work. Malek.

Well, Malek, you clearly know more about the PS3 than we do.  Fancy a job?  We don’t know who ps3trophies.co.uk are, but they do seem pretty on-the-ball on the old Trophy front so we’ll be pilfering the site for news from now on, thanks.

Hello!  Thought I’d share that the dancing queen in you will now have the chance to become a SingStar queen as SingStar Abba will be joining the growing SingStar catalogue this winter! I foresee much drunken merriment over the Xmas period with this! Simon.

Not sure how we missed this, given that we’re all massive SingStar fans here, but there you go: there’s going to be an Abba special this Winter.  Not sure how I feel about that, but I get your joke.

And there ends our first mailbag.  If you want your questions answered in a similar round-about way, drop us a line.  Until the next time, brave sailors…