LBP: PS3’s Mainstream Hit?

Can LittleBigPlanet be the PS3s first mainstream game?

As the Wii is now a market all on to its own and Xbox360 is hitting its stride by emulating the successful formula of the PS2, what can Sony do to push the PS3 into the mainstream?  The PS2 began its humble life as a games machine for the “hardcore gamer” with the DVD player as a trojan horse to get into the other demographics homes. Over the years the PS2 transformed itself from being an adolescences play thing to a box for everyone with games that appealed to the wider audience.

Sony created multi-million pound franchises such as EyeToy, Singstar and Buzz that propelled its machine into the mainstream. Sony say they have sold well over 100m units, so it is easy to see why the Playstation 3 was a banker in Sony’s eyes. Create games for the hardcore, Bluray drive to get it into other homes, then remake new versions of Singstar and Buzz. But with the PS3 still over £100 more expensive than its competitors it is struggling to harness the mainstream audience it previously championed so strongly.


The biggest issue for Sony is probably price. Especially when all Sony is offering to the average consumer is practically the same experience. Why shell out £300 for a PS3 when you are still playing Buzz and Eyetoy on your PS2? So as former PS2 owners convert to Wii and 360s it is time for Sony to pull something out of the bag that can captivate everyone. Enter LittleBigPlanet, A game so cute even my mum wants to know when she can play it.

Maybe LBP isn’t as easy a sell as Singstar but I have failed to see someone play the game and not get excited. Sony has to find as many ways possible to get the controller into peoples hands and get them involved if they want to create the greatest family game of all time. LittleBigPlanet may not make or break Sony’s mainstream plan but right now it feels like a crucial part.  If LittleBigPlanet is not Sony’s answer then what else could captivate the wider audience, EyePet? Home? Or is there just too much ground for them to make up?

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