CoD 5 is Different!

Kikizo have a great interview with “Activision’s Noah Heller” in which he states, quite clearly, that Call of Duty: World at War is not just Call of Duty 4 wearing a new t-shirt.

So that’s good news.


Among my favourite quotes:

the game is very violent and very gritty

Good. I like violence and I like grit. Two boxes ticked.

The flamethrower, the beauty and openness of the environments, co-operative play

More good news. Why haven’t I heard anything about this game before now, it sounds awesome…

we don’t want them to forgive Treyarch, we want them to give them a second chance

So that’s fairly clear that he also thinks CoD 3 was pants then…

Plus there’s a secret little co-op surprise for people who complete the game.

Is it a job at Treyarch?

I think once you go past ‘3’, numbers kind of suck.

That’s funny, “3” seemed to annoy people but they were quite happy with “4”.

So, there you go, a game I was avoiding and now it seems awesome. My bank manager is going to laugh me out the door when I next visit him…