Rebellion set for PSN? has another good interview for your perusal. This time with Jason Kingsley from Rebellion Developments in which he hints at moving towards PSN (and XBLA) content, and an MMO. He also comments on the economic state of the business and stresses that they won’t move away from boxed distribution. Which is good for those of us with bandwidth limits and shelves.

“I’m very keen on the studio maintaining a certain output of original things, so we’re looking at the smaller-scale platforms – the XBLA, PSN, that kind of area,” said Kingsley. “The trouble is, I can’t find any spare resource to actually do them, so every time we come up with some ideas, we realise we don’t have any coders or artists free – they’re all working on other projects.”


But if that change happens, it won’t spell the end of boxed product developments at Rebellion: “At the same time our biggest clients are traditional boxed product clients, and they sell hugely, in vast numbers,” he revealed. “The Simpsons Game sold hugely well, and all the other titles have sold well, so we’re not going to turn our back on those, because it’s brilliant.”