Some of Today’s PSN Content

Along with the new costumes for Sackboy there will be another new level for Pain and a new character – The Hoff.

Head over to the US blog to read the cheesy launch speech from The Hoff himself. Or just take advantage of my copy & paste skillz:

It’s The Hoff again…coming to you from Korea, where I am filming a new movie. Now that the elections are over, let’s concentrate on the real nitty gritty … PAIN: Movie Studio! With only 1 day left before the Hoff invades your PS3, I had to make a call into the Ryan Seacrest show on KIIS FM to tell all the listeners in Hoff-land to come check me out this Thursday! We talk about my new role in PAIN: Movie Studio, my upcoming movie, K.I.T.T. and more! If that’s still not PAINful enough for you, check out PAIN’s producers, Travis and Jason, talking about The Hoff and how they got me into PAIN: Movie Studio on the new PlayStation Nation Podcast!

Two things:

1) A new movie? WTF!

2) Hoff-land sounds like a very scary place.

This might just be for the US store so don’t roast me if Europe doesn’t get it. It’s a shame there’s no official or even semi-official European blog that could update all of us “old-worlders” about the Store contents…