Geosautus Interviewed

We’ve discussed at length why Media Molecule are moderating certain LittleBigPlanet levels, but when levels are culled from Geosautus, the game’s leading creator of user levels, we thought it was time to reassess the situation.  For the unaware, despite only having the beta, Geosautus’ levels like World of Colour are still unmatched in terms of professionalism and quality, although that might well change very soon…

TSA: Hi Geosautus.  So, how was the fact that your level was moderated communicated to you?

GEOSAUTUS: Well, My PS3 is broken so I haven’t really been able to play the retail version of LBP yet. The only info I’ve gotten is through various forums commenting on the sudden absence of my (and other people’s) levels. I feel totally helpless.


TSA: So how do you feel after all your hard work has been denied the audience it deserved?

GEOSAUTUS: It seems as though both God of War and World of Colour has been taken down. God of War was understandable – since it contained copyrighted material and pretty excessive gore it didn’t really come as a shock. Today I read that World of Colour had been moderated too. It contained no copyrighted or offensive material so I don’t understand why it was moderated – and with the current system I doubt that I’ll ever find out. I’m furious.

They need to sort this stuff out. I usually spend about a week or so building and testing each level before publishing it, so if both my levels have indeed been moderated that’s two weeks of work wasted. What makes it all even more frustrating is that when some of my levels were stolen (e.g. copied and republished), they didn’t do anything about it. So stolen levels are okay, great levels are not. Nice. The moderating system is clearly broken.

TSA: Has there been any communication regarding changes that would allow the levels to be reinstated?

GEOSAUTUS: I have just sent emails to members of the team at Mm, but I haven’t recieved a reply yet. If they can’t work this out, I can see a lot of people – myself included – abandoning this game. And that would be a real shame. 

TSA: Do you see LBP level design as a potential way into the industry for you or others like you?

GEOSAUTUS: Sure, why not? I think that great level design is great level design, regardless of the tools you are using. I think that LBP is a great and inexpensive (granted you already own a PS3) way to test your level design skills.

TSA: How do you design your levels? Do you design in a linear fashion from start to finish, or do you design sections one at a time and then link them together at the end?

GEOSAUTUS: I usually build levels in a completely linear fashion. Just designing one bit at a time, rarely knowing what the next section will be like. This changed a bit in Mad Mansion where I had the last section planned out before I started building it. I have also started planning my next level. But right now I’m just not sure if I’ll continue making levels. I’m just really frustrated right now.

TSA: What’s your favourite level of the user created stuff you’ve played?

GEOSAUTUS: I haven’t really played any LBP since the beta. My PS3 broke the day before I got LBP. I did get a chance to play Azure Palace at a friends house, and I really liked it. But appearently it has also been moderated. They need to stop moderating all the good levels!

Thanks for your time.

Everyone interested in this aspect of the game should read and sign this petition.