inFamous For How Long?

According to Eurogamer, Sony has refuted allegations circling the Internet that inFamous may not be that long a game.

The rumour about the lack of playing time in Sucker Punch’s great looking game started after an interview published last week, in which Creative Director Nate Fox said, “It seems to me that it’s not about length, but about quality,” which the rumour-mongers took to mean that inFamous wouldn’t be that long a game.


But now in the words of Sony, “inFamous is still in development at Sucker Punch and the game’s length is still to be determined.”

Well, that’s cleared that up then, so it may still be short or long nobody knows, but at least Sucker Punch are focusing on quality, so hopefully when it debuts next spring it plays as good as it looks

More can be found at Sucker Punch.