Aliens Cancelled? No.

On Friday reports surfaced that Gearbox had halted production on Aliens: Colonial Marines due to poor sales of the recent (and quite brilliant) Brothers in Arms.  Several sources had told Shacknews that Gearbox have laid off between 15 and 25 employees, independently claiming that the poor performance of BIA: Hell’s Highway. However, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford has responded to the rumours saying “Aliens isn’t canned.  We’ve made some transformative changes and yes, that’s meant some talent changes, but that’s not the real story.”

“The true relevance of the story will actually be irrelevant until we release our next game, at which time I hope there will be a lot of interest in what we’ve done that can produce such results,” he continued.  Seems like although something has happened, it’s clearly not a full cancellation of the game and we hope the team manage to still get the game out next year.  We’ll have the full review of the underrated Hells Highway as soon as humanly possible.