SEGA & Gearbox Go To War Over Aliens: Colonial Marines Marketing

Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines? That game which received a lot of backlash for not being up to the standard shown in pre-release footage and promotional items. It led to a lawsuit in which SEGA decided to settle for the sum of $1.25 million in an attempt to avoid future actions over the game. However, at the time Gearbox decided to take the opposite route and claim that the studio had no say in the marketing strategy for Colonial Marines.

Now SEGA has released documents which appear to show the Gearbox lied about that claim, and that CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, was involved with the marketing strategy of Aliens: Colonial Marines.



SEGA also claim that Randy constantly broke agreements and revealed game information earlier than planned. Gearbox continues to deny any involvement because it was the developer and not the publisher, though as the developer surely the studio would have been in the best position to know what the game really played and looked like.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Randy Pitchfork?!!

    • Probably readying a two-pronged attack.

  2. That Randy sounds like a right one. If only they spent as much time making the game as they did typing this document.

  3. Gearbox are clearly involved.

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