Save Preferences?

The thing about game websites is there’s only so much stuff to write about.  Exactly 10 things happen in the gaming world every day.  Ten.  No more, no less. Any website that writes more than 10 stories is taking you for a ride, and any that writes less than 10 is lazy – it’s going ’round Asda so it must be true.  That’s why here at TheSixthAxis we like to embellish our daily roster with brilliant home-grown stories and the odd competition, alongside a few jestful jibes at other sites (and consoles) from time to time.  But are we doing it right?  Is there anything that irks you into closing the site as soon as you open it, or are we really as funny as we like to think we are?

Basically, Michael and I have been planning a few new special treats, but they’re more of the funny and not necessarily relevant to what’s happening in the gaming world, so we’re not entirely sure when (and if) to roll them out.  I mean, they are funny, but do our lovely readers just want the same 10 recycled stories that everybody else is writing instead?  You have to let us know, you have to say “hey, TSA, listen” and tell us what you want.  We’re here for you, you know, despite the odd opinion to the contrary; without readers we’d still just be talking to ourselves like we in June 2007.

So, tell us what you think.  Don’t do the whole arse-kissing thing, we’re bored of that and we know we’re brilliant.