New Burnout Trophies

Thought you’d 100%’d Burnout Paradise? Think again, because it appears the upcoming Party Pack (due in February) will feature seven new Trophies – 3 bronze and 4 silver – to get your hands around.


  • Every player succeeds in a Party Round: Awarded when every player successfully completes a Party Round
  • Complete your 1st Party Round: Awarded when you complete the 1st Round of your 1st Party
  • Every player take a photo for a Party: Awarded when every player in a Party takes a photo of themselves. Requires a USB camera to be connected


  • Every player succeeds in every Party Game: Awarded upon completing a Party in which every player successfully completes every Game of every Round
  • Complete a Small Party: Awarded when 2-4 players have completed a Party
  • Complete a Big Party: Awarded when 5-7 players have completed a Party
  • Complete Massive Party: a Awarded when 8 players have completed an 8 Round Party

Thanks to Matt for the heads up on this.