WipEout, MGO Demos Coming

Christmas Eve is for some people the most exciting of all the eve’s and for others it’s a bit of a blur after too many Stella’s, but this Christmas Eve may be just that little bit more special than usual as Sony will be releasing a WipEout HD demo on the European PlayStation Store, according to PS3Fanboy.

WipEout HD has been well received and the release of this demo will give more people the chance to enjoy the game.  The demo contains one playable track and previews of the remaining seven, and interestingly allows you to purchase the full game from the PSN at a special reduced priced until January 8th, although there is no word on what this reduced price is.


The mix of too many Stellas and a great demo will probably mean I’ll be buying it.  I just hope the fat man dressed in red doesn’t leave it for me as a present the following morning (if that was possible).

Joining WipEout will be Metal Gear Online, the online edition of one of the PS3’s truly greatest games,  which according to Eurogamer will contain 3 maps; “Blood Bath, Gronznyi Grad and Midtown Maelstrom”, and seven (count ’em) game modes “DM, TDM, Rescue Mission, Capture Mission, Base Mission, Sneaking Mission and Team Sneaking”.

This demo will be available until January 29th and users will have access to dedicated demo servers, in an effort to ensure that noobs aren’t destroyed by the talents of (according to Konami) over a million highly skilled users. Although it doesn’t say if Konami regard them as highly skilled because they actually managed to get past their convoluted Konami ID sign up process.