Original Xbox Pwns PS3

Anyone looking for good PS3 news better look away now, or just skip to the bottom, as Nielson, the friendly statistics and other stuff company has published some of it’s 2008 findings and like most other statistics don’t make favourable reading for Sony’s black beauty.

Rank Console Usage Minutes %
1 PlayStation 2 30.2
2 Xbox 360 18.3
3 Wii 13.5
4 Xbox 9.1
5 PlayStation 3 7.7
6 Gamecube 4.4
7 Other 16.9

Note: Data from Jan – Oct 2008. Usage Minutes % is the percent of all measured console minutes. ‘Other’ consists of any other console systems found in the home.


As you can see the PS3 is riding down in 5th position, unsurprisingly behind it’s older brother and the Wii, who have between them made there way into trillions and trillions of homes, and also unsurprisingly behind the 360 which has obviously been out for a year longer, however some people may be shocked to see the original Xbox riding high above the PS3 in the usage stakes.

Another thing about these figures is that they only run from Jan-Oct, and we obviously know that Microsoft dropped the price of the 360 around this time which resulted in the 360 outselling the PS3 at least 2:1 in the all important Oct-Dec quarter, so if these figures were included it may have made even darker reading.

(because I know some people don’t like to read any negative news on a PS3 site)

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has an Internet browser market share of 0.04% which may not sound like much, but is a whopping four times that of the Nintendo Wii’s 0.01% and considering the Wii has more than double the amount of consoles in peoples homes, is quite an achievement for the PS3 (and the FW updates the PS3 browser has seen)

So news for the glass half full and half empty kind of people, all in one post.

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