Killzone 2 Receiving High Praise

We love Killzone 2. Really we do. Well at least it seems that way with the amount of chatter around Guerrilla’s exclusive over in the forums, as well as here on the front page. Apparently the developers over at Insomniac share our love. James Stevenson, Insomniac’s community manager has now finished the game, prompting a NeoGAF post for all to read. 

“I did indeed beat KZ2 tonight and it is indeed awesome,” he said before adding: “I know there will be plenty of comments, opinions, accolades and nitpicks, but for me, the game was fun.” 


Killzone 2 is shaping up to be a big hitter for the PS3 this year having also received a excellent 5/5 score from the US Official PlayStation Magazine. According to forum posts from those who have received early subscription copies, the review concludes: “Without a doubt Killzone fans, action, and shooter fans of any stripe will instantly tag this sequel as a powerful contender for the best game of 2009.”

The end of February can’t come soon enough.