TSA On Twitter

If you’ve not clicked through to our Twitter Feed, you’re missing out.  Sometimes we get news that isn’t really worth putting on the site, and sometimes we get news that we can’t put on the site – in both these cases you’ll normally find it on our Twitter Feed, that is, until we edit it out in the morning…  You’ll be in good company, too: amongst the people, sites, developers and publishers that ‘follow’ our feed are Naughty Dog, SEGA, MTV Multiplayer, Valve, ArsTechnica, PS3 Fanboy and some company called Sony.  It’s also a good way to see what our readers are up to, with the likes of Los Havros regularly keeping us to date with what he’s having for tea.  Seriously.

So, either bookmark the feed, or better still, get a Twitter account and add us to your ‘following’ list, and we’ll do the same right back at you.