Bonus Content: Issue 6

Twitter, and why I’ve stopped following you.

Borderlands Character On Twitter

DLC tweets hints. That statement wouldn’t have made a sense 10 yrs ago.

Sony: Twitter & Facebook “Obvious”

Poke me, Tweet me, anyway you want Me.

Xbox 360 Gets Social Today

Twitter, Facebook,, Zune all launch today.

Uncharted 2 Twitter Feature Disabled

As Mr Cameron says: Too many tweets make a tw*t.

Capcom Tease “Mindblowing” Game

More Twitter nonsense.

Xbox 360 Twitter/Facebook Info

Slim details about the Twitter and Facebook clients emerge

PSP 2 – No UMD Drive?

Remember David Perry? Well, he’s heard PSP news you haven’t.

We’re Such Twits

TSA looks at the wonderful world of Twitter, again. Lots of gaming Twitters included.

Network Us

Social networking that doesn’t ask you to send a hug every five minutes. I’m in!

TSA On Twitter

Get even more TSA for your money, you might even catch something cool before it hits the site.