Xbox 360 Twitter/Facebook Info

For those of you that are up on the latest technological innovations, Twitter is probably something you check at least once or twice a day. Those of you who follow me may of realised that I check and update a little more than that (I hit 7000 tweets today after about 8 months), and so with that level of activity the announcement of Twitter integration for the Xbox 360 at E3 excited me. When Felicia Day came on stage and announced the ability to update Twitter and Facebook right from the console I felt it was a pretty cool level of integration. Then I felt mildly disheartened as I realised that to make any practical use of the feature would require me to purchase the small keypad that attaches itself to the Xbox controller.

Regardless of whether or not I actually make the effort to go and buy the keypad aside, I now have a date to make my purchase by in mind. Well more a rough time frame than a real date. In typical games industry fashion James Halton, a member of the Microsoft marketing team or some such, told Eurogamer that the updates would be coming by Christmas. So any time in the next five months really. He also confirmed that the new feature would be coming on its lonesome, rather than as part of a dashboard update. This isn’t really a surprise as the details of the update coming in August were announced last week.


To be perfectly honest I’m a little more excited by the already announced screenshot-to-Facebook feature than Twitter, at least right now. This is solely because the Facebook feature has already been confirmed as being in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, whereas I can’t recall any integration for Twitter into games being announced so far. Well aside from some comments about Blur I read in a preview with the developers in 360 Magazine (I know a real magazine, you’ll actually have to go buy it if you’d like more information), and that won’t be going through the 360 Twitter client by the look of it. Until we get news of more substantial support for my favourite social network I’ll probably be a little reserved on the feature. On the other hand I’m perfectly aware I’m an addict and expect to find myself updating from the my (not so) faithful little box on release day.

Source: Eurogamer