Uncharted 2 Twitter Feature Disabled

Twitter. Everyone has an opinion on it. Here at TSA, generally, we love it. Nearly every one of us has an account and whilst some use it for a simple update of their daily lives, others spend every minute of the day checking, updating and chatting on it. Twitter whores are what you would call us, though everyone has a limit.

Naughty Dog has, like the rest of the industry, clicked on to the obsession and whilst, up till now, only developers and journalists have been using the site, Uncharted 2 offers the unique option to tweet for you and let your stalkers followers know whenever you complete a chapter, win an online match or get a trophy. Pretty cool huh?


Unfortunately it hasn’t gone down as well as it was hoped and as a result, the service has been temporarily disabled. Reviewers now have the code (apparently it’s really good) and some have chosen to take advantage of the feature but this has meant that their followers have been bombarded with a huge amount of chapter completion tweets which has, understandably, annoyed them. Though being the fantastic people that Naughty Dog are, they’ve already jumped up and disabled the option which will be reintroduced after the game has been released and will come complete with a limit on how often it can update. Everyone’s a winner!

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Source: US Blog