Microsoft Binning Social Networking Apps

It’s funny to think how hyped the Xbox 360’s Twitter and Facebook ‘apps’ where before they were released. It’s especially funny now that Microsoft is ‘retiring‘ them from the latest version of the Dashboard when it launches.

The Dashboard update will be mandatory, which means if you’re currently reliant on the 360’s (rather basic) Twitter and Facebook applications to do your social networking, you’ll need to not be soon. Or, well, use the built-in Internet Explorer 9.


The removal of the apps is, apparently, to “streamline” the interface. It’s safe to assume both applications weren’t being widely used, not a huge surprise given that you needed to be an Xbox Live Gold member to open them.

And that they were rubbish.



  1. The sick bar stewards! Forcing people to use IE. *shakes head in disapproving manner*

    Hang on, don’t some games use the apps themselves in order to make it easier to switch between the game and tweetbook. I wonder if the people who use the apps will use the browser or just not bother and use their ipad/PC/orangewithafewwirestickingoutofit to access Twitter and Facebook instead? As typing with the on screen keyboard on consoles is just tedious.

    • you’ve got a orangewithafewwirestickingoutofit too? ^_^

      • Yep. I’ve the orangewithafewwirestickingoutofitwiththebananaandgrapefuit2 It is capable of running any game. Although it is easily damaged and has a odd smell after a few weeks and the content OCEE are crap. They refuse to update the store. >:(

      • That’s because you need the plum/pear plug in for the store to work properly steve.

      • Dammit, they were on offer when i bought it and would have had to pay an extra quid in total. Also, shame on you TSA for not reporting on it. shame. :op

  2. pointless apps on a gaming console anyway, I’ve never used the browser on the PS3, well I wouldn’t even if I wanted to because its crap, but you get what I mean.

    I use the console for watching films and playing games.

    • I use the browser every day – different people, different needs.

  3. It was bad enough that they put ‘free’ services like Twitter and Facebook behind the Live paywall, but it seems doubly insulting to do the same with the web browser.

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