Network Us

So, Nofi switched you all on to the fact that TheSixthAxis has a twitter stream. I joined up, found Michael, dj and some of my favourite readers and now cc has signed up again too, happy days!

It would seem that TSA is officially a twittering hotbed. We’re even listed on Sam Houston’s (of GamerDNA) which lists a huge number of game developers, press and other industry types. Sam is the most active person I’ve ever seen on any online community ever (except maybe Hodgi) and in my brief email dealings with him he was a really nice guy so get on twitter, follow Sam and then use his list to follow other industry tweets.

Seriously guys, twitter is great, if you’re not on it you’re missing lots of interesting stuff from lots of interesting people and some spurious crap from me!

So if you want to follow TSA and our writers on Twitter I’ve included our links at the bottom. Feel free to add your own links in the comments and follow each other too!

While we’re on the subject of social networking, Revolution set up a facebook group for TSA too so you can all join up and add each other there. It is also pretty cool, you get to see pictures of Hodgi’s paranormal thumbs and TSA’s little sister looking pretty hot and drunk-driving a plastic tractor. We’re such good value.

Twitter us long time…

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