After causing a bit of a buzz in the forums with news of a surprise set to land at your fingertips at 19:00 (GMT), it became apparent that there was a Warhawk session scheduled for the same time. Not wanting people to miss out, I worked my ass off to get this finished half an hour earlier. Managing to, I would like to present to you all, the very first:

EXCLUSIVE TSA PS3 Theme.  Now, I know it’s not that huge, but with a general murmurings around for there to be a TSA PS3 Theme I began to design and create one. And it wasn’t easy either, as all of the help online is pre-Firmware 2.4 so there’s plenty of things missing from the XML, so it required a bit of tinkering. Anyway, after 3 weeks of work I bring you a sparkling TSA Theme. Well, two technically. 




How To Download: There are two themes, although they are pretty much identical, one with a white background and the other with a black in order to please both crowds. Each one comes with three backgrounds and has every icon redesigned.  You can download the White Theme here (direct to your PS3) and the Black Theme here, or from this mirror from one of our readers.

For those of you that have never installed a new theme onto your PS3 it couldn’t be easier. If you’re not downloading it direct from your PS3, then simply copy the .p3t file to a USB memory stick, ensuring that it is placed within a THEME folder that is within a PS3 folder (PS3 > THEME > TSA Theme.p3t). Then simply insert the USB into your PS3, go to Settings > Themes, select Install and then just select the TSA Theme.

Well there you go guys. I hope you all like it, and please don’t forget to let me know what you think.