Sony Finally Take Part

Head on over to gamesindustry and read this little article about a press release Sony have issued which compares their lovely big black hunk of gorgeousness to that half-melted Sky+ box that Microsoft peddle and the in-car CD player with no LCD screen that Nintendo can’t make enough of.

Quotes for the lazy:


The PS3 is the perfect example of a product featuring superior technology and a sophisticated design creating an ideal all-in-one entertainment product.

I’ve been saying this for ages. In fact, if they’d offered to buy me a pint I’d have written it down and sent it to the papers too.

The Wii’s lack of enhanced features comes at the expense of a comprehensive entertainment solution

Now, Sony, you’re slipping a bit here. Basically they’re saying “The Wii doesn’t have any enhanced features because it’s so brilliantly entertaining” which isn’t much of a criticism.

So as PS3 continues to evolve without the need for additional parts or expenses, expect the competition to continue peddling add-ons in an effort to keep up with the Jones’

Ha! They’ve pointed out what we and other internet users have been spamming forum boards with for months. Do you think they read our marketing strategies and then leave them on a desk for 12 months before finally getting around to writing them up into a press release?

Never mind, at least they are finally showing up to the fight and I love it when the professionals get involved in slagging matches like internet fanboys.

One last thing, Sony finally do some press-release-retaliation to the two years (or more) of similar battering Microsoft has been raining down on them and guess who stepped up?

Well, let’s just say it wasn’t SCEE…