Resi 5 Demo Dated

With my mind currently blank for any sort of witty introduction and my neck muscles caning thanks to some serious headbanging last night, this will be the news and nothing but the news.

Capcom have announced that the demo for their latest zombie adventure will be downloadable via the PlayStation Store in the week of February 5th. Glossing over the fact that it is out a week earlier on XBLA, the demo will include two levels, including three types of co-op play: single-player with AI, two-player split-screen and two-player online. For those that have criticised developers for lack of local co-op play will be satisfied with the inclusion of split-screen co-op in addition to online play. You’ll be able to pick up a copy of the full game on March 13th.


Now I couldn’t leave the news without some sort of humour, so taking a page out of my fellow writers book, I leave you with a joke:

How do you know a zombie is tired? 

He’s dead on his feet.