Firmware 2.60 Now Live

So, we’ve now got a brand new firmware, which takes the PS3 up to version 2.60, and brings about a few little tweaks and a brand new feature: The Photo Gallery.  Clearly not wanting to be outdone by the 360’s Photo Party, which lets you share photos with friends online, Sony have created a super slick one that also lets you share your photos with friends, assuming they’re round at yours, of course.  It’s gorgeous, and we’ll be taking a closer look very soon.

But what about the issues we all wanted fixing: the clock, the speed at which Trophies sync and update?  What about the features we all wanted to see implemented: cross game chat, for example?  Nope, nope and nope.  Frustratingly Sony seem to be carving their own way through the Firmware updates again, but lets hope they’re still listening to their fans for the next one.  Still, it appears the improved DivX works a treat, as many more movies now work flawlessly.


Let us know your thoughts on Firmware 2.60 in the comments.