PSP Coolness

First, a sentence for a certain portion of our readership. You know who you are…

OK, I know what you’re going to say: “You’re a PS3 site, why are you writing about PSP stuff, I hate this place, it’s all gone ranty and full of in-jokes and…” well shut up you whiny little prick and stop reading now if you’re going to be all negative about it.


Arsenal Football Club, the team of cry-babies, nearly-men and The French, have announced that their stadium is to be kitted out to transmit “near-instant” replays to people in the ground with a PSP in their pocket. Which sounds pretty darn cool to me – mp3s on the tube. Replays at the match. Queue up your PSN downloads and remote play a little Eden during halftime. More replays of a Frenchman crying and onwards to the pub where you can wow everyone with your ability to find the scores of proper teams via WiFi. you’ll be the envy of every Cock-a-nee in the North. Except those that “follow the van”.

On an almost related point – I caught myself thinking, after I’d read Sony’s financial report, that the ideal solution would be to sell Kaz Hirai to Man City…