Konami To Open London PES Studio

Konami is going to be opening a new studio in London, which will focus on its Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, a press release has confirmed this morning.

According to the press release, “it’ll be a large-scale commitment that will see a dedicated European wing of the Tokyo-based PES Productions team established within Europe.”


The extra office will “strive to adopt and recreate local football culture that will ensure the long-running series is kept fresh and exciting.”  The publisher will be inviting interested parties to apply for posts at this year’s Games Developer Conference.

“These are hugely exciting times for the PES series,” commented Shinji Hirano, the President of Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “We are looking for a number of creative people who can help us elevate PES to whole new levels.”

“As part of KONAMI’s commitment to ensuring PES captures the majesty of European football, we are looking for people to help capture the very essence of the beautiful game and bring it to life. We look forward to meeting interested parties at GDC Europe.”

Interested in PES 2013? Stay tuned to TSA at midday…



  1. Great news that they want to diversify their base a little bit, more knowledge is always a good thing. This will hopefully mean they have a more solid footing in Europe.

  2. If they’re hiring, I’ll quite happily sign up and tell them where they’ve been going wrong :-p

  3. Good for them, at least they are trying to freshen it up a little. It certainly needs it.

  4. “We couldn’t quite get the crowd reaction right so decided to open a studio in the UK so as to help us perfect the racist chants, back-of-seat snapping and throwing, coin tossing and turn-style beatings”.

  5. Brilliant, foreign takeovers for the English League then….

    • Eh? Unless I’m completely mistaken (which I may well be), PES is currently developed in Tokyo and this move means employment for UK citizens.

      Is that a bad thing? :-\

    • Oh no, I don’t mean that. I mean how they could capture more of the various leagues in Europe and England.

  6. So i take it PES 14 will have racist chants, yobs beating each other up, bog roll being throw onto the field, typical chants about a footballer’s life and a lot of drunk fans and the very overexcited reporter who sees all of the said stuff then? If they do that then it is the most realistic football game to date. Oh and players overracting to a simple tap on the leg and try to make it seem that they were stabbed in the knee instead.

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