Here’s an admission: I love America. There, I said it. I got married in New York and my brother lives over there and if there was any feasable way they’d take me in then I’d go tomorrow.

You see, in spite of the popular British (and European)  pastime of mocking our transatlantic cousins they are, for the most part, charming, friendly, helpful, unself-conscious and optimistic. Where a  European says “We can’t do that, why would we even bother?” an American says “Of course we can do that, we’re the greatest nation on earth. We can do anything”. They may not be right but at least they’re having a go.

So there you go, you can return to your tried and tested routine of criticising America due to a couple of outdated stereotypes, rare occurances, misconceptions of language and retarded former presidents. I just wanted to have my say.

So, with that in mind here’s the news from Oklahoma (where I’ve actually been – it was 20 degrees centigrade in the first week of December and a week later they had ice storms that cut off power and water for a week. Crazy weather). Their state senate is considering passing a law to give tax incentives to video game developers, which is lovely news for a creative industry. The unfortunate thing is that the tax breaks will only be for devs committed to making games that don’t get an M (for mature) rating. So no sex or violence or bad language. You see, I love the USA and I loved Oklahoma but you’ve always got to remember: They’re still a bit right-wing.

Still at least tax breaks for some is better than tax breaks for nobody, right?