PSN Store Update: 19/02/09

Yeah, we’re early, but then why not, eh?  This is the PSN Update for Europe, should be going live any minute now, we reckon – note that there could be more to this, or even a few last minute changes, but this should be today’s update.

PS3 Games:

  • • Noby Noby Boy [£3.19] [info]

Push the boundaries of your imagination in the latest game from the creator of the Katamari Damacy series – Noby Noby Boy. Control the main character, BOY, to play, stretch and interact with objects and characters in surreal worlds. This enchanting title isn’t just about stretching. By connecting to PlayStation Network you can record gameplay movies and upload them to YouTube for everyone to see. Download Noby Noby Boy and stretch your imagination.

  • • Street Fighter II HD [£11.99] [info]

Capcom’s popular Street Fighter II series has returned in the shape of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Blessed with a whole new look, which boasts HD redrawn art and widescreen support, SFHD Remix offers a unique experience that appeals to new fans and Street Fighter purists alike. Download this fighting game classic and play at home versus a friend or test your skills online.

PS3 Game Add-ons:

  • • Mirror’s Edge Pack [£7] [info]
  • • Skate 2 – Dyrdek’s Fantasy [£3.49] [info]
  • • Burnout Legendary Cars [£1.59 – £6.29] [info]

These vehicles are familiar cars from well known TV shows and movies, recreated with a twist – the GT Nighthawk (a Knight Rider homage), the Jansen 88 Special (based on Back to the Future’s signature car, complete with hover capabilities), the Hunter Manhattan Spirit (a nod to the Ghostbusters station wagon) and the Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger (taken after the Dukes of Hazzard car).

  • • Burnout Time Savers Pack (gives you all cars and bikes)

Purchasing this pack will immediately unlock all the cars that you can get for free by playing Burnout Paradise all the way to completion. However, you’ll still need to win the events to earn your Burnout Licenses.

  • • LBP WipEout Costume Pack [?] [info]

What’s the perfect way to get Sackboy’s little heart racing? By downloading this WipEout costume kit which pays homage to the four teams from the original futuristic racing title. Dress Sackboy up in clothing inspired by WipEout’s Triakis, Auricom, Piranha and Feisar teams and give the lovable icon a unique look.

Rockband Tracks:

  • • Turbonegro: Wasted Again [source]
  • • White Zombie: More Human Than Human [source]
  • • White Zombie: Black Sunshine [source]

PSP Games:

  • • Stateshift

Featuring state-of-the-art racing machines with futuristic morph abilities, StateShift pits up to 15 fearless racers across nine death defying tournaments where only the elite can survive.

  • • Spectral vs. Generation

Spectral vs. Generation is a blistering 2D fighter featuring characters from the cult Japanese Spectral Force and Generation of Chaos series’ battling for the title of greatest warrior on the globe!

  • • International Athletics

Featuring fourteen varied track and field events playable in Multiplayer Quick Event and Tournament modes and set within jaw dropping stadiums, International Athletics has it all.

  • • World of Pool

Being good with a cue is no longer enough. In World of Pool you not only have to be the best, you must be prepared to taunt and cheat to win.


  • • Mini Ninja
  • • Flower

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