Burnout’s Legendary Trailers

Want to see what all four of the Legendary cars look like in action.

Criterion Games have just released a bunch of trailers featuring each the cars from Thursday’s DLC, the Legendary Cars pack.

The Cavalry Bootlegger, Manhattan Spirit, GT Nighthawk and of course the good Jansen 88 Special are now available to view on the BurnoutTeamRocks YouTube Channel.

A couple of days ago we revealed the pricing.

+ Manhattan Spirit: £1.59 [Vid]
+ Cavalry Bootlegger: £1.59 [Vid]
+ GT Nighthawk: £1.59 [Vid]
+ 88 Special: £3.19 [Vid]

Or the best value can be found in the bundle at £6.29 for the whole lot.

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to show off your new purchases, then look no further than the official TSA Burnout Night, this Thursday 20:00-22:00.

Via Criterion’s Twitter.

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