Killzone 2 Multiplayer Tips

I’ve been lucky enough to have a Killzone 2 for a week now, and was eagerly awaiting Wednesday’s big server switch on, I’ve now had chance to get to grips with the basics, rank up a couple of times, kill a few and get killed even more.

So I thought I’d share with you a few tips and observations which may help see you though your early sessions as you orientate yourself with Helghan.

Before heading online have a go on the Skirmish mode (Skirmish is the offline single player version of the multiplayer game played with the same game modes/objectives and across the same maps) The mechanics of the gameplay are different to the main campaign as there isn’t the option to take cover, just to crouch. Playing in this mode, even for a short time will ensure you’ve had a bit of preperation and help you hit the ground running.


When you get online, (if you’re lucky enough to get past the ever increasing amount of soon to be patched server errors :-( ) if your faction wins your personal points from the round will be multiplied by 1.5, this enables you to rank up quicker and gain use of a larger variety of weapons, and capabilities (engineer/medic etc.). Winning the rounds and working towards the goals of each game mode is quite important if you want to make use of these benefits & features.

A great feature not being used by many people at the moment is the ability within each game to form squads, anyone can join a squad, so if you get an invite then join it by pressing the select button. However only Corporals can create squads (you will rank up to Corporal after only 1 or 2 games. The advantage of squads is that member can spawn next to the squad leader as long as they are still alive, this is great because it means you don’t have to waste half the time legging back across the map, and for the squad leader the advantages of having people spawn alongside you is obviously great.

I have only seen this used in one game I’ve played in so far, which is odd for such a useful feature.


This is the Team Death Match mode, every kill you get earns your team a point, and everytime you get killed you are effectively awarding the opposing team a point, The team who reaches the kill limit first wins (or when the team with the highest kill total at the end of the time limit) not really too much to say about this except don’t go charging in to a room full of enemies expecting to take them down, you will be killed before you can even squeeze a few rounds off. One way to rack up a few kills without being seen/killed is to find a high vantage point and pick people off through your sights, but watch your back because someone from the other team is probably looking for the same vantage point.

Search and Retrieve:

Similar to Warhawks ‘Collection’ mode this places a few items (propaganda speakers) at different locations on the map, you see them on the map shown in the top right corner of your screen, you basically have to make your way over there pick it up by walking over it, and take it to a marker which will then appear on your map.

Sometimes the games you are in people aren’t working towards the objective, they are just running around aimlessly or getting involved in pointless deathmatch scenarios, so if you see a teammate has picked up the speaker (it turns green on your map), you can follow him to the dropoff zone to make sure it gets there safely, likewise if an enemy picks up the speaker (it turns red on your map) its best to make your way over there and try and intercept him and prevent him from scoring before picking up the speaker yourself and taking it to your scoring zone.

Search & Destroy:

There will be areas on the map which start off as neutral (shown in white on the map) it is your teams goal to make your way to these areas, and plant explosives on them (O button) you then have to protect the areas until the timer runs down else the opposing team may get chance to diffuse the explosives, there are 3 areas on the map, and the team which either destroys or defend the most of them will win the round.

Again getting involved in silly mini death match style stuff doesn’t aid your team in winning the round

(there is the mirror image of this where you have to defend the area, called Capture and Hold)


You either have to kill a named opposing team member, or defend one of your own. If you are doing the killing then it’s self explanatory, but if you are doing the defending it is best if the target retreats to the area near your home base (where the bot sentry’s will help with the defending) One thing I have noticed is that when someone (or you) is the target on your team, if you are to go on the offensive , you will probably get killed and lose the round. Hopefully the marked man has enough sense to keep in an easily defend-able area, and then its just a case of bedding in, finding a bit of cover and picking off the bad guys as they try and kill their target.

Anyway don’t listen to me, just do your own thing and have fun, I am.