Bots Patched Out Of KZ2

Over the last 24 hours we’ve seen lots of folk sat in low ranked bot matches online, desperately spamming some cheap kills to artificially up their rank. Sadly, you get this kind of thing, but thankfully Guerrilla have spotted this and have already patched it out – you should be prompted for a minor update the next time you run Killzone 2.

So, baby boys, next time find some proper opponents to shoot at, like the barely organised rag tag bunch that is Clan TSA, who have spent at least 2 hours sniping each other in the arses. We’re ready, punks. Well, not quite, Michael’s in the bath and I’ve spilled my beer, but give us 10 minutes and we’ll be all set.

Tip: Andy Torr, via PS3 Attitude.