TSA Masters – Entries Open

As Tiger Woods returns to the golf course so do we. Or, more accurately, you do.

As part of our ongoing Community action we’re launching a new Everybody’s Golf tournament: TSA Masters.


It will be a Match Play tournament, using a combination of different courses and tee positions, and we’re also allowing you to use any character. You’ll be asked to provide graphical evidence of the score via the game’s built-in picture facility available on completing a round. After each round the winning players will go back into the draw for the next round. This will continue until we have an overall winner.

There will be a prize for the winner, and the tournament is open to everybody that can play using the PAL version of the game*.

Please email michael [at] thesixthaxis [dot] com with TSA Masters in the subject line if you wish to take part. Entries will be open for the next week, at which point I’ll sort out the pairings and post up the first round details. I’m currently expecting to give people a week to play their matches, but this may alter depending on how many entrants I receive. Once the entry list is finalised a full set of rules will appear in this post.

* Staff members can’t take part – sorry guys.