Killzone > Halo Wars

Printing the full UK chart requires prior permission from Elspa, which we’re chasing up, but in the meantime we assume we can at least let you know that Killzone 2 has outsold Halo Wars in the UK. Both massive games, both exclusive, and both top of the charts. Well, we say ‘both top of the charts’, of course only one can really be at the top, and thankfully it’s the gorgeous Guerrilla-powered FPS rather than the silly little RTS. Sorry, Halo, better luck next time.

Street Fighter’s in third place, Wii Fit’s in 4th, and great to see the Sega Mega Drive Collection in 6th. Elsewhere, the new Silent Hill makes 11th place and Grand Theft Auto IV is climbing back up, presumably due to the recent 360-exclusive DLC.