Home’s New Resident

There are some dates that some people will never forget, the Kennedy assassination, the moon landing, maybe the birth of a child but for me Tuesday 3rd February will always be in my mind, why? Well that’s when we first bought you news of the Resident Evil 5 Home space and Street Fighter IV content coming to home.

I know you’ve all be counting down the days, and living in hope that maybe just once on your visit to Home you’ll have a new dedicated game area to mull around in, chatting to like minded people.


Well count down no more, the wait is over, as the Resi 5 space is coming to Home today. Not only that but there is the chance to pick up free Resident Evil clothing items from the mall. Cool.

We’re still awaiting word on whether this is for Europe as well as the States, but until we have confirmation it may be safe to assume you’ll have to log into US Home to sample this great sounding new content, and whilst you’re there you’ll be able to check out the pretty cool Warhawk  space which was launched in the States last week.

In addition you may also be able to pick up the ninja costumes which were available across the pond a couple of weeks ago, not sure why we didn’t arrive in these shores, it can’t be put down to the old scapegoat ‘localisation’ because ninja is the same in English, French, Spanish, German & Dutch. Hmmm, go figure.

In the unlikely event that European users won’t be able to get the new content later, here are some pics.

Via US PS Blog.