Have You SCENE It?

You may have already scene this, but there’s an expansion pack on its way for Metal Gear Online.  Presumably this is to camouflage it as Killzone 2 so that people may actually play it.



Oh, right.

It’s a genuine expansion pack for MGO, containing new maps and gear, and some special characters.  If they’re special like my friend Bob then I doubt they’ll be bringing much to the party.  Well there was that time Bob brought Marmite to a party, and I looked at a chum and raised my eyes saying, “Gotta love him!”, and my chum said, “I hate him.”  And twenty minutes later, after two recounts, we established that the love in the room for Bob narrowly outweighed the love for Marmite.

Go figure.

The new SCENE expansion for MGO contains:


“Outer Outlet” – A multi-floor shopping centre with plenty of vantage points.

“Hazard House” – A mansion adapted from Act II of MGS4, with many small hallways and rooms for intense fights.

“Ravaged Riverfront” – Based on the Eastern European Town from Act III of MGS4.


Raiden and Vamp from the the Metal Gear series, each with their own special abilities.

Tip: Gazzagb