Konami Detail Metal Gear Online’s Survival Mode

Update 1.11 for Metal Gear Online will be out on April 7th and includes a brand new survival mode in which six players compete in a series of matches to try and gain five wins, and in return get some special in-game rewards.

SURVIVAL is available to all players for a total of 10 attempts per week, but for those players who’ve purchased the [CLOAKED IN SILENCE] Expansion DLC, you can attempt the new match mode an unlimited number of times. If you still haven’t acquired the new DLC, SURVIVAL also lets you try out the brand new maps previously exclusive to purchase. Check out the new maps and SURVIVAL for free, then play them both longer by picking up [CLOAKED IN SILENCE].

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  1. Wow.

    Kinda a dick move, Konami. Instead of letting everyone use it whenever they want to, you just had to limit it to 10 attempts per week unless they owned a certain piece of DLC. You just couldn’t release it for free without any strings attached, could you?

    I won’t use the feck konami hastag but i will use the Screw you, Konami approach.

    • Yeah seems a bit awkward to tack on the restriction, it reminds me of the typical f2p ‘wait six hours or pay 79p to skip’ setup. Also, since Kojima left no one seems to talk about or even play Phantom Pain, seems to have slipped into obscurity already. Also also, did PC players ever get Online?

      • It’s bad enough that MGS:Online is riddled with microstransaction and that PP was a giant letdown along with the second chapter being a complete crapfest due to the lack of well, decent missions but this is just taking the utter piss.

        Ever since day 1, Konami’s been effing it up. From reducing all resources that one can have offline by forcing us to use our single FOB unless we pays them monies so that we can buy insurance. Insurance for freaking resources that used to be kept on our motherbase. To delaying Online for PC because…. of reasons that they never quite explained and only released a few months ago. This is just another middle finger.

        There is virtually no excuse for them to implement this piece of shit limit! Why is there a limit on a free survival mode, Konami? If you want people to pay for it, release it as effing DLC! Not do it “Free” and punish anyone that does not have a certain piece of DLC.

        Even Destiny didn’t pull this crap! Even Ubisoft wouldn’t do it! They would call it iconic but not pull this kinda of shit!

        You know what, #fuckkonami.

        First time using it.

        Congrats, Konami. You have just lost me. Don’t give a flying feck what you do next unless it is free from your current BS.

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