Sackboy On The Mic

Looks like Media Molecule have joined the Podcast Revolution, with their slightly delayed but nicely produced first dip in the water.  “We recorded this Podcast about a month ago,” says the blog, “but then I went on holiday to Japan for a couple of weeks (and got engaged to Mrs. Kenny, woo!), and then Moo went on holiday and them it all became horribly out of date.”  

Doesn’t matter, well worth a listen.  In related news, highjacking this post a little, Michael’s got our own Podcast up on iTunes.  Simply load up iTunes on your PC, Mac or iPhone and search for “thesixthaxis”.  That’s us, right there, podcasting away.  If you’ve not heard our first proper ‘cast yet, it’s deliciously funny and absolutely worth the 30 minutes of your day.


Tip: Yogh_Wayne