Boost Specials Dated

ThePosterBoy or Matt W from Criterion has just dropped a Tweet regarding the final set (announced so far) of cars for the awesome Burnout Paradise. However, there is a problem….

“The Boost Specials Collection will be available on 360 and PlayStation 3 on Thursday 9th March…more details soon”


I would like you all now to have a quick look at your calenders. Do you see a Thursday 9th of March? No. The 9th would be today! Either Matt is running in a completely different dimension / year / planet, or he actually means the 19th.

I’m going for the latter.

Thanks to slickhenry for the tippedy tip!


So it appears that our guestimation of what Matt ‘TheIncorrectPosterBoy’ was trying to say was….. incorrect.

Turns out this is a good thing what with the real date being this Thursday instead. Yay!

Thanks to both slickhenry for pointing it out and el capitanmurdo for finding the cold hard proof. points will be distributed as his lordship Michael sees fit.